Reporting Results and Cancellations
  • As soon as the MATCH is accepted between Players, the players have 2 hours to play the match.
  • If neither Player reports a result within 2 hours of the MATCH being confirmed, the MATCH will be considered abandoned.
  • Abandoned matches are not reported on a Player’s profile and the funds are returned to each Player’s account
  • Once a match is abandoned, it can no longer be played. Both Player’s can challenge each other again, but they must do so under a new MATCH.
  • When a player in a head to head match reports the score, the opponent must confirm or counter the results within 30 minutes or the initial reported score will automatically be confirmed. This is to prevent sore losers from not reporting their score.
General Site Rules

Players are full responsible for understanding and compliance with all rules of Players' Lounge. All of these rules apply to ALL PLAYERS’ LOUNGE MATCHES.

Only those rules agreed upon in the Players' Lounge match lobby will be rules used in the games. Any other rules added into the competition are not enforceable.

We do not allow players to compete against one another in custom games with custom rosters and custom players. If you are found to have changed a roster to give yourself a competitive advantage, you will automatically forfeit that game. Any changing of rosters or players to custom settings may result in an automatic forfeit and potentially a ban from Players' Lounge.

No Guests. Though we definitely encourage your friends to root you on, we do not allow for guests to spectate on matches.

Lag. We understand that some Players don’t have the best internet connection and LAG may be a factor in some matches. If both Players are able to play the game, then the game will have to be played. We have no way of knowing how bad the lag may be in your game, so we encourage Players to compete in matches with very little lag. If a Player is found to be intentionally lagging or unplugging their internet connection to give themselves a competitive advantage, that Player will automatically lose that game and potentially be banned from Players' Lounge.

Disputing a Match

We take match disputes very seriously and want to deliver the best possible experience for all of our Players.

If a Player claims that his / her opponent has broken a rule in a match, evidence is required or the dispute claim will most likely not be considered valid.

If both Players agree to specific settings of a match on Half Length, Controls, Game Speed and Squad Type, those settings must be played in the match. Should both Players play that match without the agreed upon match settings, the match will be considered null and void.

No Player is under any obligation to play in a match with settings that you have not agreed to.

There are no forfeits on Players' Lounge. No Player may claim a reason to win a match before that match has started. Should you attempt to claim a win for an unplayed match, your account will be reviewed and potentially banned from Players' Lounge.

Should you exit, quit or disconnect from a match while you are losing or tied, your match will create a dispute. If you cannot provide evidence that would give reasonable excuse for why you left the match, your match will potentially be forfeited. Any Player that exits, quits or disconnects from matches on a consistent basis will have their account reviewed and potentially banned from Players' Lounge.

If you report a score for a match before it the match has been completed, a dispute will be created.

Players that are found to be reporting incorrect or incomplete scores as final will have their accounts reviewed and potentially banned.

If you are found to be reporting inaccurate or forged information / evidence in an effort to deceive Players' Lounge, your dispute review will result in an automatic forfeit, you will lose the full amount of the match and your account will enter review and potentially be banned.

Players should not try to deceive their opponent or Players' Lounge in any way. If you provide inaccurate or forged information, you may forfeit your match and face further consequences.

Players' Lounge Decorum

When you’re on Players' Lounge, treat your opponents as if they were next to you. We definitely encourage all of our Players to do a little smack talking, but keep it reasonable and keep it respectful. Any Players reported for abusive language will be dealt with in an expedient fashion and potentially banned from the site.

You need to have at least PLR in any game to unlock this tier of challenges.

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