Fortnite Match for $9.00
Single Game | PC | 1v1 Duo

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Match Details

Entry Fee: $5.00
Console: PC
Match Length: Single Game
Game Type: 1v1 Duo

How to Play

  1. On the Fortnite Battle Royale home screen, the host sets the game mode to Duo.
  2. The hosting player adds his opponent to his Friends List and invites him to the game.
  3. Once the guest has joined, the host launches the game and play commences.
  4. The player with the most kills at the end of the game wins.

Game Rules

You and your opponent will join the same game as a Duo team and compete to score the most kills.
The player with the most kills at the end of the game wins.

Kills While Downed: Any kills scored while you’re downed count towards your final score. Kills scored after you die do not count towards your final score (e.g. from traps, or someone that you knocked down bleeding out).

Tiebreaker: If you and your opponent finish the game with the same amount of kills, play the match again until one player finishes with more kills than the other.

Host: Unless otherwise agreed upon by the players involved, gunner3254 will be the host of this match.

Lag/Settings: After getting on the bus, any complaints on lag or pre-game settings will not be taken into consideration. No exceptions.

Interference/Messing With Your Opponent: You and your opponent in the match may work together to secure kills. However, you cannot actively impede your opponent during the course of the game. This includes destroying structures, making your opponent fall, intentionally preventing your opponent from moving, building structures in front of your opponent to prevent them from getting a kill, etc. Proof of any of these violations will result in that game being forfeited.
We must have clear proof to warrant a forfeit.

Kill Stealing: Kill-stealing is not against the rules.

Disconnections: If a player disconnects in the pre-game warm-up, the game must be replayed. If you disconnect during game play, it is treated like a death. Your score is equal to the number of kills you had when you disconnected. Your opponent can continue to play even after you have disconnected from the match.

Players' Lounge Rules

If you receive an invitation on your console that does not match the rules laid out on this match page, DO NOT play the match. If you play the match, lose and submit a dispute, Players' Lounge admins will not approve your dispute. Here at Players’ Lounge we lean towards fair play, before making any decision we will review and lean towards a fair decision strictly up to us.

We highly recommend recording all match results, disconnections, broken rules, etc.

If a player breaks a rule when they are losing the match or the match is tied and their opponent quits the match immediately, the player who broke the rule will lose the match.

If a player breaks a rule when they are in the lead and their opponent quits the match immediately, the match will be canceled and both players will be refunded their entry fees.

Proof: Video proof is the best evidence you can submit to us. It’s very easy to record on your console.

Epic Games Usernames This match is only valid if played between the Epic Games Usernames listed above. If you agree to play the whole match and lose, then dispute - your dispute will not be taken into consideration.

Score Auto Confirms After 30 Min: Once a score is reported, the other player has 30 minutes to confirm or counter before the first score reported is automatically confirmed.

Warning: Submitting fake or false results will result in immediate financial penalties.
1st Strike = $5 | 2nd Strike = $25 | 3rd Strike = 100% Balance Removal + Ban

You need to have at least PLR in any game to unlock this tier of challenges.

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