Match Details
FIFA 17 Match for $9.00
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This match has been cancelled.
Match Details
Entry Fee: $5.00
Console: Playstation 4
Match Length: Single Game
Star Level: Any Star Level
Team Type: Any Teams
Legacy Defending: Not Allowed

The rules established on this page must be applied towards this match. If any of these rules are broken, the match will not count and funds will be returned to each player.

Disconnections: In the event of a disconnection, you and your opponent must finish the remaining time of the match. i.e. If the disconnection occurred in the 30th minute, the new game should be played until the 60th. We highly recommend recording video of all game footage in case of a dispute.

Score Auto Confirms After 15 Min: Once a score is reported, the other player has 15 minutes to confirm or counter before the first score reported is automatically confirmed.

Online Squads Only: Matches must be played with 'Online Squads' only.

Drawing/Tying a Match: If the match ends in a draw, a new game must be played in full.

Half Length: All matches are to be played with 6 minute halves unless noted otherwise.

Legacy Defending: Legacy Defending is not allowed to be used in this match. In case of a dispute, you MUST HAVE VIDEO EVIDENCE for it to be considered and the decision is at the discretion of Players’ Lounge.

For a complete breakdown of all the rules, please visit our Rules & Scoring page. Play on!